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Current publications are Mystical Circles and Perilous Path by SC Skillman

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Mystical Circles published Luminarie 5 September 2017

Place of healing? Or treacherous cult?

Mystical Circles was published by Luminarie with a brand new cover design on 5 September 2017.

You can buy the paperback here.

You can download the ebook here.

To order a signed copy direct from the author, email scskillman@outlook.com. Price: £8.99 plus £1.50 for p & p, making a total of £10.49. Include all your details in the email and you will be sent the book plus an invoice.



Perilous Path: A Writer’s Journey published by Luminarie on 5 September 2017

Perilous Path is an inspirational writer’s guide, which offers several short pieces about the writer’s journey, exploring fiction and how it is created, and packed with examples and illustrations from great novels.

You can buy the paperback here.

You can download the ebook here.

You can also order a signed copy direct from the author by emailing scskillman@outlook.com.  Price is £4.99. Add another £1 for p & p making a total of £5.99. Include all your details in the email and the book will be posted to you plus an invoice.

Cover design of Perilous Path by SC Skillman, a motivational and inspirational writer's guide pub Luminarie 5 Sep 2017




As an experienced writer, I found this book very enjoyable to read at a time when my writing practice had stalled. It inspired me to get back to work, and it reminded me of why I write, and what a wonderful process we engage in when we explore words and prose. This book is great for for people at all levels in the writing world, being both entertaining and informative.

“Entertaining and informative” A Review of Perilous Path by Catherine Green, Author

First of all, I fell in love with the beautiful house where the story is set, and wanted to go there immediately! Against this backdrop, a tense and intriguing psychological drama is worked out, with new twists and revelations every day. The complex and often damaged characters gathered together react and interact more often than not in ways that surprise and sometimes shock, and you are kept guessing about the outcomes of some of the relationships until the very end. I’d have liked to learn a little more about Juliet’s sister Zoe, she remains a somewhat shadowy figure in the background. But overall this was an intense and compelling story with many twists and turns in the plot to keep you reading.

“A tense and intriguing psychological drama” Review of Mystical Circles by Eleanor Watkins, Author